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Frequently asked questions

How do I send files?
Our preferred method of receiving files is via a Lightroom catalogue and smart previews as the majority of our clients prefer to shoot RAW files and the process of quickly creating smart previews dramatically reduces the upload time of your order.
Please note: although we favour the use of LR catalogues and smart previews, we are flexible on our approach and hope to integrate seamlessly into your business. Therefore if you do not shoot RAW and would prefer to send us JPEGs (or any other file format) just let us know on you Skype consultation.
Don’t know how to create smart preview? Here’s how!
How are my final files returned?
Upon completing your order, you will receive an email to let you know that your images and now ready for you to download. Once downloaded from the link sent, you just need to open the new catalogue and sync the catalogue with your original image files and you’re ready to export!
What file types do you accept?
Our preferred file format is a LR catalogue and a smart previews of your files. This enables us to work with all the information in your RAW files without the the bulk of uploading the full file size. 
We can always tweak our processes to suit every customer, so if you’re shooting JPEG or any other format just let us know what you sign up.
Can you use my preset?
Our main goal when you integrate us into your business is to completely absorb your style and ensure that there is no noticeable difference in the files we edit for you and the files you editing in your portfolio. We’re therefore happy for you to upload a preset into your account. We ask that you walk us through how you use them during your Skype consultation.
If you’ve just shot a session and want a slightly different feel to this collection than the style you’ve spoken to your editor about, simply edit a few images from the collection before you export the catalogue an send it across. Be sure to upload your new preset with the catalogue and smart previews when processing the order.
Do you sequence my images?
We can sequence the images in your catalogue for a small fee of £10 per wedding. This will help ensure things are chronological throughout the wedding day if your two cameras are out of sync etc.
We group the images together from different parts of the day in the following order.
UK: bridal prep, groom prep, ceremony, formals, couple shots, speeches/reception, first Dance, evening.
US: bridal prep, groom prep, first look, family formals, ceremony, speeches/reception, first dance, evening.
If you are using our culling service, these will be sequenced for you free of charge.
Do you convert my images to black & white?
During your Skype consultation the team leader your assigned to will ask you what your process is with black and white images, how many do you roughly deliver, if you deliver selected images in just black and white or if you provide a colour copy also.
What is the turnaround time of my images?
All orders are assigned a turnaround time of 3-7 days. You will receive an estimated date of delivery on your confirmation email once the order is placed.
Who edits my images?
We’re all about providing a personalised service at Freedom and our biggest differentiator from our competitors is that our editors are placed in small teams of 3 with a team leader. When you register on the website you’ll be assigned a team and have direct contact with your team leader, and also the editor within that team that’s working on your wedding.
How do I change my style?
If you decide you want to refresh your style after signing up with us, you just need to book a Skype consultation with your editing teams leader and you can run us through your ideas and what you’d like to change. We can also help develop a new style for you! Contact us for more details on this service.
How can I pay?
We accept a all major credit/debit cards using Stripe and also Paypal.