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Freedom Edits, the premier image outsourcing solution for photographers looking to create free time and start enjoying their photography business.

Freedom Edits is a brand new take on traditional post production image outsourcing. Featuring your own design team, who know the ins and outs of your entire editing process. This personalised and unique approach means you get superior quality photos, exactly the way you want them.


Your own personal team of editors, who know every detail of your editing process; ensures you never lose your own unique style and that we can consistently match your style.

Easy to Use

Our user friendly interface allows you to see your current orders, projects, information from your editing team plus much more, all at a glance. We’ve designed a simple user experience to help you get the job done, fast!

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We only employ editors who have experience handling the types of images you shoot. With teams led by industry professionals, you can be assured that your edits will always look spectacular.


We know how fast-paced this industry can be. Which is why we strive to achieve a 3-5 day turnaround times for your projects. Keeping you efficient and your clients happy!

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Tailored for You

We offer all of our clients an initial consultation which is led by the head of your very own editing team of 3 people. We learn every step of your image editing process. Every little quirk and unique detail that makes your photos your very own are noted and used every time we work with you.

The Full Package

Our editing staff uses techniques developed through years of industry experience in order to deliver final products tailored distinctly for you. Featuring 24/7 support with our UK based team, we’re always on hand when you need us.

Basic Adjustments

  • Colour Correction
  • ‘Basic’ Adjustments
  • Straightening/Light Cropping
  • Spot Fixing
  • Local adjustments
  • Artistic Cropping

Advanced Adjustments

£ 0.22
  • Colour Correction
  • Advanced Adjustments
  • Straightening/Light Cropping
  • Spot Fixing
  •  Local Adjustments
  • Artistic Cropping